First Painting!

Acrylic and oil pastels

This is the bluebird of happiness, right? I'm so happy to have gotten him finished so I could post in time. Last spring two bluebirds chose my special birdhouse ( special because my son in law and his dad refurbished it for me, including a real copper roof!) for their nest. One Sunday I watched out the window as they flew in and out, building the nest. Unfortunately, they abandoned the nest before any eggs were laid.

 I see lots of other artists have taken Leslie's suggestion and chosen a theme for their paintings. I think, not counting today, my theme will be Williamsburg, Virginia. I live very close to there and have hundreds of photos to choose from. Please check back tomorrow to see what I've painted. Be sure to check Leslie Saeta's site to see paintings by over 200 artists who are participating.

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