First Williamsburg Painting


I'm very frustrated with today's painting. I worked on it for at least two hours and painted over a lot and repainted. Even then I wasn't finished, but I had company and no more time. The only part I'm satisfied with is his cloak. Well, the purpose of this is to improve and learn from my mistakes, so maybe this little  exercise is worth more than I think. Hang in there with me!


First Painting!

Acrylic and oil pastels

This is the bluebird of happiness, right? I'm so happy to have gotten him finished so I could post in time. Last spring two bluebirds chose my special birdhouse ( special because my son in law and his dad refurbished it for me, including a real copper roof!) for their nest. One Sunday I watched out the window as they flew in and out, building the nest. Unfortunately, they abandoned the nest before any eggs were laid.

 I see lots of other artists have taken Leslie's suggestion and chosen a theme for their paintings. I think, not counting today, my theme will be Williamsburg, Virginia. I live very close to there and have hundreds of photos to choose from. Please check back tomorrow to see what I've painted. Be sure to check Leslie Saeta's site to see paintings by over 200 artists who are participating.


A New Blog, A New Direction

Gulp...this is the first post on my new blog and look what I have to show for it. I worked on this for about an hour and then gave up. At least I'm cheered by the fact that this is so awful that it will be easy to improve from this point. In a few months my work will look so much better than this! Practice makes perfect. I will let that be my mantra as I get used to having a brush in my hand again.

As I begin painting again, the plan is to use a limited palette. That simplifies color choices and gives harmony to the painting. Don't for a minute think I'm giving up polymer! No, no. How could I? Hopefully it will be incorporated into my new art. We will  have to see where that goes.

Beginning January 2 I will paint daily for thirty days and post my work here and at Leslie Saeta's site. She has spearheaded this movement and I believe there are over one hundred and fifty participants so far. Check out her blog and look at the roster of artists already signed up. It should be an exciting month! Please leave your comments. I will appreciate your time and interest.